Venezuela unrest: opposition protest member speaks out

by | Feb 25, 2014 | News


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro giving a late President Hugo Chavez’s portrait to Brazillian President DIlma Rouseff (Source: Agencia Brasil)

By Raúl A. Pinto

In Venezuela, Feb. 12, university students and government opposition started protesting

against their national economic crisis, blaming its President Nicolas Maduro.

Since then, government repression and the resistance of the protesters has being

increasing in intensity. To date, hundreds of people are being detained, many have

been wounded by police, and nearly ten people have died.

Maduro’s government also has a strong group of supporters, and he has rallied them to

take to the streets in what he calls “pacific manifestations.”

Humber News Reporter Raúl A. Pinto spoke to Rebecca Sarfatti, member of Toronto

group “Venezuelans for Democracy” about the situation and the repercussions it could

have for the future of the country.