Six Toronto schools score perfect tens

by | Feb 3, 2014 | News

Six elementary schools in Toronto have received high academic scores. Photo by Joe Mabel, via

Six elementary schools in Toronto have received high academic scores in Fraser Institute’s annual report on schools.
Photo by Joe Mabel, via

By Kait Morris

Six elementary schools in Toronto have received top marks in the Fraser Institute’s annual report on schools.

The report ranks 3,030 schools across Ontario and focuses on grade three and six averages levels for reading, writing, tests below standard and tests not written.

Toronto schools that achieved this ranking include Hillmount Public School, Seneca Hill Public School, Cottingham Junior Public School, Sathya Sai Toronto School, Arbor Glen Public School, and St. Michael’s Choir Junior School.

Sathya Sai shows the highest rating for grade three math and ties for top ratings in grade three writing with Arbor Glen Public School. Sathya Sai has the highest ratings in grade six writing and math and ties with Hillmount for highest rating in grade six reading.

Of the six schools, Hillmount has the highest percentage of students for whom English is the second language and the lowest amount for parents’ average income. It is also the only one in Toronto that has received perfect scores for the last five years.

The Institute ranks public, Catholic and private schools across Ontario. However, it does not include some of Toronto’s high-end private schools, such as Havergal College.

The report uses data from the grade three and six test scores. The rankings also factor in the percentage of students who have English as their second language, the percentage of special needs students, and parents’ average income.

One of the findings of the study is that income is not as important a factor as it is often made to seem.

In a press release, Peter Cowley, the Director of School Performance Studies at the Fraser Institute, said:

“Whatever a school’s student make-up, whether there are lots of ESL or special needs kids, or the students come from families of modest means, schools can always improve student academic performance and perform very well.”

The full report can be found here.

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** Sathya Sai private school has been excluded due to lack of data on parents’ income.