Pothole repairs skyrocket in Toronto following deep freeze

by | Jan 14, 2014 | News

By: Jake Courtepatte and Kelly Khizakia

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Toronto’s recent deep freeze has caused more than just downed trees and power lines.

The City of Toronto has already patched more than 4,000 potholes this winter, more than double the number patched during the same period last year.

Most of the blame is being placed on the thaw that occurred shortly after the extreme cold alert issued by Toronto last week, when temperatures dropped to the -20 C range.

Aside from their poor appearance, potholes can also cause significant damage to vehicles, says CAA spokesperson Silvana Aceto.

LISTEN: Kelly Khizakia’s full interview with Silvana Aceto of CAA

“We do recommend that drivers slow down on the roads and really pay attention especially when the roads are wet,” says Aceto. “We also recommend keeping your tires properly inflated. An underinflated tire increases the chance that it may burst if you do hit a pothole.”

The U.S.-based mobile app SeeClickFix arrived in Toronto in 2012, and allows users to report road problems in their area. Other users are then able to vote on the importance of fixing the issue.

Humber student Neil Stephenson, who commutes daily from Brampton, says he can see the app being useful.

“Being able to vote on the major issues would really make sure that the problems are fixed in the order of importance,” says Stephenson.

Toronto residents can also call 311 to report pothole issues.

According to a poll by the CAA, Toronto has five of the top ten worst roads in Ontario. Finch Avenue West, running right by Humber North campus, ranks number eight on the list.

“My car is pretty small, so I really notice all the bumps on the road,” says Stephenson. “There’s definitely some rough driving around here.”

Check out below for Kelly Khizakia’s full interview with Silvana Aceto of CAA.