Enbridge Gas pipeline to expand in GTA

by | Jan 31, 2014 | News



By Julienne Bay

Environmental groups opposed the approval of Enbridge’s pipeline expansion in the GTA area.

The decision was announced on Thursday by the Ontario Energy Board.

Jack Gibbons, chair of Clear Air Alliance said the pipeline expansion wasn’t absolutely necessary.

“Enbridge didn’t seriously examine the potential for energy conservation to avoid the need for this pipeline,” said Gibbons.

Listen to the full interview with Jack Gibbons, the Chair of Clear Air Alliance here:

  “We have historically delivered energy efficiency programs,” said Chris Meyer, media spokesperson of Enbridge.

“We haven’t had a major upgrade in the Toronto area in about 20 years…the number of customers that we served has doubled,” said Meyer. “The Ontario Energy Board found that the pipeline was required to meet the demand.”

Listen to the full interview with Chris Meyer, the spokesperson of Enbridge:

The estimated cost of the project is $686.5 million and it consists of two segments: Segment A and B.

Segment A will run from Highway 407, just south of Derry Road, to northeast of Albion Station. Segment B will run along Highway 407, from Keele Street to Warden Avenue, and then turn south to Sheppard Avenue East.

The project will include an upgrade to an existing pressure regulation facility at Jonesville Station, as well as two new pressure regulation facilities.

The construction will take place between late 2014 and October 2015.