Day care worker charged with cancer fraud

Jan 23, 2014 | News


Lana Rovang told her co-workers she had a fatal heart condition and Stage Four breast cancer (Facebook)

By: Cameron Da Silva

Calgary day care worker Lana Rovang was charged Wednesday with two counts of fraud for allegedly telling workers that she had been diagnosed with stage four-breast cancer.

Friends and staff members began cooking meals and collecting donations for Rovang, raising $20,000 all together.

In Jan. 2013, eleven of her co-workers even shaved their heads, raising $3,000. Rovang responded to the entire daycare with written words of gratitude on Facebook.

“I am the desk girl here battling the heart condition and the Big C! I just wanted to thank everyone for their amazing support and generosity, it means so very much to me! I could not get through this without the support and love of everyone here. A heartfelt thanks to all of you again,” she wrote.

Rovang is just the latest person to use cancer to defraud.