Team WHL secures CHL victory in Super Series

Nov 29, 2013 | Sports

The Canada Russia rivalry continues each year with the Subway Super Series.

(The Canada Russia rivalry continues each year with the Subway Super Series.)

By Mark McKelvie

Last night in Lethbridge, Alta. the 2013 Subway Super Series wrapped up with the CHL defeating team Russia.

The WHL’s All-Stars representing the CHL picked up a 4-2 victory in the final game of the series.

This ended the series with both squads at three wins a piece. However, the points system had Team CHL winning 10-8.

Unlike normal CHL action, a regulation victory was worth three points, an overtime/shootout victory was worth two points, and a overtime/shootout loss was worth one point. In standard CHL scoring — two points for a win in regulation or extra time, one for an overtime or shootout loss, and no points for a loss — the series would have ended in a 7-6 victory for the CHL.

Here is a breakdown of the series and points:

Game 1: QMJHL 3 – Russia 2 (Team CHL 3 points – Russia 0 points)
Game 2: QMJHL 4 – Russia 3 (Team CHL 6 points – Russia 0 points)
Game 3: Russia 5 – OHL 2 (Team CHL 6 points – Russia 3 points)
Game 4: Russia 3 – OHL 2 SO (Team CHL 7 points – Russia 5 points)
Game 5: Russia 3 – WHL 2 (Team CHL 7 points – Russia 8 points)
Game 6: WHL 4 – Russia 2 (Team CHL 10 points – Russia 8 points)

This year’s series saw some firsts in the eleven year history of the competition.

Russia swept the Ontario Hockey League’s team for the first time. Before this season Russia had only defeated Team OHL once in 20 games played.

For the first time, the winner of the series was not the team who scored the most goals. Russia outscored the CHL 18-17 in the six game series.

The series serves as a preview for the upcoming Under-20 World Junior Hockey Championships. Hockey Canada scouts the players from the three CHL leagues during the competition in order to come up with a list of players to invite to the selection camp.

Below is a timeline recapping the 2013 Subway Super Series.