Humber News Express, Nov. 8

Nov 8, 2013 | News

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by Jade Leung


The strongest typhoon this year hit the central Philippines, killing at least four people so far.

Typhoon Haiyan reached speeds of over 200 kilometers per hour, triggering landslides and knocking out power and communication lines in several areas.

Nearly seven hundred thousand people were forced to evacuate the sanctuary of their homes.

Humber News reporter  Alyssa Capistrano has more.


Fall Economic Statement 

The Ontario Liberal government released their fall economic statement last night.

Highlighting the statement is expected economic growth of 1.3 per cent – less than half of the projected growth for 2013.

There is some criticism of the government for an overly politicized speech, as it seems the Liberals are setting themselves up for reelection.

Come spring time, a new budget will be released which will require a confidence vote, and could lead to a provincial election. 

Humber News reporter Melissa Deeder has more.


Ford Scandal

It’s day two of the latest Rob Ford scandal.

The Star has released a profanity-laced video of Ford seen pacing around in an unknown living room, apparently drunk and rambling.

In response to the footage, Ford apologized once again.

Espe Currie and Therese Jastrzebski looked into how chequebook journalism has influenced the profession.


Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party are being criticized for their latest fundraiser.

The event aims to tackle the biggest issues being faced by women.

However, the event that’s dubbed “Justin Unplugged”, invited ladies to “really get to know the future prime minister”

Critics say the event was patronizing towards women



A recent survey says more than two-thirds of hockey fans in Canada want fighting in the sport banned.

Some players in the NHL, however, say it’s a ridiculous notion and disagree.

And the Maple Leafs will hit the ice tonight for the first time in a week, when they take on the New Jersey Devils.

With the NCAA basketball season about to begin, Humber News reporter Mark McKelvie previewed the upcoming campaign.