Humber celebrates International Education Week

by | Nov 19, 2013 | News

SOURCE: Wikimedia

International Education Week is a celebration of education and international students. SOURCE: Wikimedia

By Raquelle Collins

Humber College will be celebrating International Education Week from Nov. 18 to Nov. 22 and will be recognizing eight out of the 100 countries that Humber students call home, with displays and presentations by students from those countries.

The Lakeshore campus will be featuring Cambodia, Sweden, India,  China, Mexico and Jamaica on Wednesday and Thursday.

At the North campus , students will have a chance to learn about India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam on Thursday in the Student Centre.

Matthew Keefe, international student advisor at Humber College told Humber News this year will be the fourth official time Humber has celebrated International Education Week.

“We select five to six different countries which are represented at Humber through international students and the students from those countries work on presentations of their culture which can include food elements, pictures and performances,” Keefe said.

Keefe said three workshops are being offered for faculty and staff as well, which are called International Communication, Culture Shock and Internationalizing the Curriculum.

Joshua Wigner,  a second year business student at the North campus, told Humber News he’s happy that Humber is celebrating.

“I’m not an international student, but I think it’s good that Humber is doing something this week for students and especially for faculty,” Wigner said.

International Education Week is a celebration of education and international students studying abroad, the international exchange of knowledge and the contributions to improve the quality and accessibility of schooling internationally.