Doug Ford calls on Blair to resign

Nov 5, 2013 | News

Councillor Doug Ford accused Police Chief Bill Blair of holding a bias against his brother.  Source: Andrew Louis

Councillor Doug Ford accused Police Chief Bill Blair of holding a bias against his brother. Source: Andrew Louis

By Caroline Brown

The Ford saga continues in the city of Toronto, as Councillor Doug Ford accused Police Chief Bill Blair of bias against Mayor Rob Ford.

In an interview this morning with Newstalk 1010, Councillor Ford called for Chief Blair to ‘step aside’. Ford also accused Andy Pringle, member of the Police Services Board of a conflict of interest and said he wants Pringle to resign immediately.

“I would like to see Andy Pringle step down because he’s biased, in my opinion,” Ford said.

Ford referenced a fishing trip Chief Blair and Pringle took together, and said he wants to know who paid for the trip and where the expenses went.

“Being (Blair’s) fishing buddy, he will not be able to have a clear judgement on anything from the Police Chief’s contract … on the police budget, or anything to do with the Police Chief himself,” he says.

Last week Chief Blair said in a media conference the police had recovered a video that Mayor Ford appears in. According to Blair, the video is consistent with the infamous video of Mayor Ford that has been reported in the media.

“I am disappointed,” Chief Blair said at the time.

Councillor Ford calls this a political statement and Mayor Ford and his supporters consider this to be an outrage.

Wendy Drummond, a spokesman for the Toronto Police told Humber News, “We do not respond to personal attacks, we investigate without fear or favour.”

The Mayor’s office could not be reached for comment.

Doug Ford also spoke to John Stall at 680News. The audio is below.

Doug Ford spoke on CP24 as well, criticizing Chief Blair saying, “We have the most political police chief I’ve ever seen.”

Police Chief Blair responded to Councillor Ford’s comments this morning, saying it’s not part of the police service to respond to personal attacks.

“I can assure the people of Toronto that we are continuing to do our job. We are conducting criminal investigations and maintaining public safety in the city and again I will repeat myself, I’m not going to respond to personal attacks,” Chief Blair said.

Toronto councillors responded to the media after Chief Blair spoke.

Councillor John Filion said, “This is just so unhealthy what’s going on, with the attacking of the police chief it’s like they are on a rampage, it’s really destructive and it has to stop.”

Councillor Filion is one of the two city councillors who are attempting to have Mayor Ford removed from office with a notice of motion that will isolate the Mayor’s power. The motion will be presented at the next council meeting on Nov. 13.

“Councillor Ford enables his brother and its destructive … I’m not sure there is a happy ending here …the position of mayor is very important and needs to be carried out with dignity,” said Councillor Paula Fletcher.

Councillor Pam McConnell said, “The (Fords) made a huge tactical error this morning … it’s the height of stupidity… and city council needs to deal with this.”

“I support Chief Blair and the majority of members of council support him … with the comments and threats that are coming out, I think City Hall is turning into Gotham City,” said Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong.

In other Ford news, according to a Facebook account, ‘A rally to Save Toronto’, a group of Toronto protestors will be calling for Ford’s resignation on Nov. 13, the same day as the next city council meeting. The rally will be held at Nathan Philips Square at noon.