Canadians most satisfied with jobs: study

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Biz/Tech

The latest research finds majority of Canadians are content with their jobs and approximately one quarter love them so much they would work for free. SOURCE: Flickr via Calita Kabir

SOURCE: Flickr via Calita Kabir

By Raquelle Collins

The latest research finds the majority of Canadians are happy with their jobs and approximately one quarter love them so much they would work for free, according to a new study released Monday. and GfK, a global market research company, released survey data looking at levels of job satisfaction internationally.

The survey found that nearly two thirds of Canadians (64 per cent) ‘love’ or ‘like a lot’ their job. Compared to other nations, the research revealed that Canadian workers are the most satisfied.

Christine Colosimo, counsellor at Humber’s Career Centre told Humber News, she would agree with the data.

“There are so many different types of jobs out there, that are available to Canadians, so I think that once they’re working within their chosen industry, they’re happy,” Colosimo said.

The research revealed that Canada’s younger workers, aged 25 and younger, are most dissatisfied at work and are hoping to find better opportunities.

Camila Doucet, first year Humber business student told Humber News, the statistics aren’t surprising.

“Younger people can’t have their dreams jobs right out of school. Even after they graduate, they’re probably still working the job they’ve had all through school, which they’re probably sick of,” Doucet said.

“After students graduate, it’s probably discouraging to apply to entry-level jobs and feel like your dream job is so unattainable, because students have to work their way up to where they want to be,” she said.

The Netherlands were the next happiest nation at work with 57 per cent saying they love or like their work a lot, followed by India (55 per cent), US (53 per cent), UK (46 per cent), France (43 per cent) and Germany (34 per cent).


Graph by Raquelle Collins and information provided by Monster Worldwide Inc. and GfK.