TTC considers opening a retail store

Oct 15, 2013 | News



By: Nicole Campea

The Toronto Transit Commission is thinking about opening a retail merchandise store, which would reach out to tourists.

Toronto has over 21 million visits per year from tourists.

A majority of them get around Toronto by taking the TTC whether it is the streetcars, buses, or subways.

Brad Ross, head of TTC communications, told Humber News that there is a market for TTC material.

“Posters, maps, photos, hats, t-shirts, mugs, old signs, vintage material, people have tons of desire for memorabilia like that,” he said.

The previous TTC merchandise retail store in Union Station closed in 2010.

This proposed shop would be owned by the TTC, unlike the last shop, which was owned by Legacy Sportswear who had a licensing agreement to sell TTC branded clothing.

“That was their business,” Ross said. “We would certainly look at what exactly we would sell, and what is being highly demanded in the market place.”

Final decisions will be made in 2014 about where, when, and if merchandise would go on sale.

“We don’t know yet if it would be online, or if it would it physically be in the subway stations,” Ross said. “Even though it would make more sense to have it in subway stations, for all TTC customers.”

Ross told Humber News that none of the TTC employees are experts in retail, which is why they need expertise and advice from professionals before moving forward.

Julian Natale, Humber business student, told Humber News that if he were a Toronto tourist, he would be interested in the merchandise shop.

“When I went to New York, I actually bought a few souvenirs with the NYC subway map on it,” he said. “It looks pretty cool and I personally like the idea better than having the city name splashed across a t-shirt that I wouldn’t wear.”

Natale hopes the TTC comes through with their idea, and that by 2014 the shop is good to go.

A final decision will be announced in 2014.