Humber professor’s book nominated for prestigious reading list

by | Oct 10, 2013 | News

Joy Crysdale avoided using the word "activists" in her book as she said that she doesn't believe that the subjects of her book would self-identify as activists.

Joy Crysdale avoided using the word “activists” in her book.  She said she doesn’t believe the subjects would self-identify as activists. Courtesy of Second Story Press

By Kateryna Barnes

A collection of biographies by Humber College journalism professor Joy Crysdale has been nominated for a distinguished feminist reading list aimed at youth.

Crysdale’s book, Courageous Women Rebels, has been recommended to be part of the American Library Association’s Amelia Bloomer Project’s 2014 list.

Each year, the Amelia Bloomer Project complies a list of literature  featuring, “significant feminist content, excellence in writing, appealing format, [and] appropriateness for young readers,” according to its website.

Crysdale said being nominated is “quite wonderful” for many reasons, especially after all the work she put into the book.

“To be on that list is an honour because of what they are selecting the books for.

“In terms of the book, it’s something that librarians and educators throughout North America look at to see what do they think are good books and they look at it as a reference guide for what they might select for their libraries or schools to use.”

For Crysdale’s publisher, Second Story Press, the nomination is a special honour because of its focus on feminist literature for youth.

“It’s really key for us that they see our books as being the top tier of what’s being put out there every year,” Emma Rodgers, the marketing and promotions manager of Second Story Press, told Humber News.

“When a book like ours gets on the list, it means that more people will be aware of it and more young people will read it, which is our ultimate goal.”

Rodgers said the recognition from an organization like the Amelia Bloomer Project is validation for the whole team.

“Sometimes it can feel lonely when the book goes out there into the world because there are so many books published each year,” said Rodgers.  “For our book to be recognized, is really wonderful.

“You feel especially happy for the author because each book is so personal.”

Crysdale's first book, Fearless Feminist Jouranlists, made the Amelia Bloomer Project's list in 2011.  Courtesy Humber Et Cetera.

Crysdale’s first book, Fearless Feminist Jouranlists, made the Amelia Bloomer Project’s list in 2011. Courtesy Humber Et Cetera.

The book focuses on 10 women who “rocked the world,” Crysdale told Humber News.

Many of these brave women inspire Crysdale personally– from Shannen Koostachin, the Cree student from Attawapiskat who fought to get a school in her community, to Leilani Muir, the woman who successfully sued the Alberta Government for wrongful sterilization.

The final list of recommended books for the Amelia Bloomer Project will be released in January 2014.