Art contest seeks hoarding designs for Humber building site

Oct 28, 2013 | Arts, News

By Jessica Paiva

Humber’s marketing and communications department is giving students the opportunity to showcase their original artwork in a hoarding design challenge. Students have the chance to have their designs up on the walls surrounding Humber’s new Learning Resource Commons’ construction site at the north campus.

Officials announced the eight week long design contest during the groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 4. The contest is open to all Humber College students, offering the chance to submit a piece of their original art.

Andrew Leopold, associate director of public relations and communications and organizer of the contest, told Humber News on Monday that the contest is a way to get students involved in a building that will be under construction for the better part of the year.

“Construction zones have this plywood fence perimeter and that’s boring and unattractive to look at,” said Leopold.

“So, we thought ‘Why not do some kind of challenge to make the construction site perimeter pretty to look at?’ And therefore that’s how we came up with the design art challenge.”

Katelyn Stangl, a first-year tourism management student, heard about the contest when she was directly tweeted by Humber College, after seeing her work.

Stangl said she just submitted her design Sunday night and decided to go with a different art piece than the usual graffiti designs usually seeing on construction billboards.

“I went with a more Mayan tribal design so a coloured background with black outline,” said Stangl.

“I’ve always loved doing silhouette-like paintings. It’s kind of my trademark. But I also wanted to do something out of the norm. Something that involves people stopping and looking to fully grasp what I’m trying to say with my art, instead of it being right in your face.”

Katelyn Stangl's original artwork submission for LRC's hoarding contest is Mayan inspired.

Katelyn Stangl’s original artwork submission for LRC’s hoarding contest is Mayan inspired.

Students would need to submit their contest entry within one of the eight categories available, ranging from diversity and community to learning and student success.

“I put my painting under diversity,” said Stangl. “Saying that we may all look different and believe in different things but in the end we breathe the same air and use the same sun to warm us.”

“As the building became developed it came developed with kind of vision and design principles in mind and that’s the key words behind that category list,” said Leopold.

“We want students to give us their descriptions, their rationale, their impressions, their visions for each of those criteria and submit it.”

A design from each of the eight categories will be chosen by a panel of judges with an award of the winner’s choosing between $500 towards their tuition or bookstore credit.

Winners from each category will have their original artwork up on the construction hoarding facing Humber College Blvd. along with the ‘We Are Humber’ brand.

The contest entry closes on Nov. 29 at noon. The judging panel will review the pieces on Dec. 5 and notify the winners on Dec. 6. The hoarding will be up for about a year from Jan. 2014.

The LRC building also features a live web cam.

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