Art Crawl hits Liberty Village

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Arts

Photo courtesy of Nadia Lloyd.

Photo courtesy of Nadia Lloyd.

By Megan Rach

This weekend marks the Liberty Village Art Crawl in downtown Toronto, giving local artists an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Artist and photographer, Nadia Lloyd who organized the event believes supporting these artists and experiencing the shows is of the utmost importance.

“It allows the community to be exposed to different kinds of art and it allows the artist to get publicity and to make a living,” said Lloyd.

“My first drive is to help them make a living from their craft,” said Lloyd. “There’s so much talent and it’s sad to see those with so much talent hiding their product in their homes because there’s no where to sell it and no clients to buy it.”

The event showcases 40 local artists who vary in craft; visual arts, photography, jewelry making and even furniture design will be a part of the art crawl.

Margo Charlton, research manager with the Toronto Arts Foundation, said local arts have an impact on the city.

“The arts do contribute to the local economy, whether city-wide or on a local level, indirectly or directly,” said Charlton

Charlton told Humber News that art events bring clientele and money into neighboring businesses.

Local business improvement groups are “often very supportive of helping artists in the neighborhood, its a part of beautifying the neighborhood,” she said.

“Art can make neighborhoods look better,” said Charlton.

The Liberty Village Art Crawl runs until Sunday and Lloyd hopes to encourage artists and patrons alike.

“Be inspired. Be empowered. Be amazed,” said Lloyd.