New motorcycle fleet boosts Humber program

Published On April 1, 2013 | By HN Staff | News
PHOTO BY: Stephen J. Donkers. Humber motorcycle manager, Andy Hertel, sitting on one of the 102 new training motorcycles.

PHOTO BY: Stephen J. Donkers. Humber motorcycle manager, Andy Hertel, sitting on one of the 102 new training motorcycles.

By Stephen J. Donkers

Instructors with Humber College’s revamped motorcycle training program are excited about the new motorcycles for students to use.

“We have a new fleet of great motorcycles so there is a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm now,” said Andy Hertel, manager of the motorcycle rider-training program.

The program is introducing 102 brand new Honda CBR 125R model bikes, which replaced 134 older  Yamaha Virago 250 model bikes.

Hertel said the decrease of bikes was necessary as Humber officials developed the newly designed course to be more consistent and efficient with the use of training bikes and equipment.

He also said the decrease was done to be more “financially responsible,” though actual costs on the revamped program could not be released.

New staff has also been hired, and student training has been moved back on location training at Humber’s north campus.

In 2011, Humber announced that on location motorcycle training would move off campus after three decades due to parking lot construction in 2012.

A deal was made to bring training back to Humber that will take place at parking lot five and at the Queen’s Plate parking lot across from Woodbine mall, along Highway 27.

“This feels like a new least on life – last year was a bit of a transition year with the construction going on,” Hertel said.

Hertel said the school is also taking extra security precautions for the new motorcycles, which are stored in storage containers.

“We’ve put a great deal of emphasis on security this year – storage containers, expensive new locks, and an increase of security presence,” he said.

Stephen Martin, a 13-year chief motorcycle-training instructor, said he and other instructors are excited to start training new students with the new bikes.

“All the instructors are all buzzed about these new bikes and the whole program,” he said. “Normally around this time each year we get excited to get training again, but we’re really itching to get on those new bikes this year.”

Motorcycle training begins on Saturday.

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