Provincial health cuts protested in London

by | Mar 4, 2013 | News

By Kollin Lore
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Save Our Services Day of Action, organized by the Ontario Health Coalition [OHC], will take place in London, Ont. today to protest potential funding cuts in the province’s health care system.

According to Metronews, OHC, which represents more than 400 health organizations across the province, announced the Day of Action at a Queen’s Park news conference  Jan. 25.

Citynews said OHC members and University of Toronto students handed out flyers last Saturday to encourage people to come to today’s protest.

In a statement to an online news blog,, Nathalie Sheppard, the campaign organizer for OHC, said $3 billion would be cut over the next four years, including the cutting of services such as physiotherapy.

According to its website, the OHC’s major issue is with Health Minister Deb Matthews, who said  services will be transformed or transferred into home care.

The website states this is untrue as services being cut do not exist in home or community care. said the situation in the province’s healthcare system is already a concern, with the loss of 18,500 beds since the 1990s.

Sheppard told City News not many people are aware of the cuts and the campaign’s aim is to get the word out across Ontario.