GTA now using two new area codes

Mar 25, 2013 | News

A A map of Canada's area codes, courtesy the Telecommunications Alliance

A map of Canada’s area codes, courtesy the Telecommunications Alliance

By Kaite Boivin

Toronto and surrounding areas added two new area codes today, as requested by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Areas in the GTA with 905 and 289 codes will soon be accompanied by area code 365 as the demand rises, said CTV News.

Those in Toronto with the classic 416 and 647 will also see 437 added to their list of local calls.

Courtesy: Telecommunications Alliance

Courtesy: Telecommunications Alliance

“The growth in phone usage has been exponential and we’re running out of numbers,” Lori Kelledjian, Humber’s telecommunications coordinator, told Humber News.

Commonly people have more than one number, she said. “Young people and cell phones” are a factor; we’re seeing a decline in landlines.

In a release, the Telecommunications Alliance cites the growing demand for communications services and technologies across Canada in leading this demand for more phone numbers.

In 2001, the CRTC set area code 289 in effect as 905 became limited. Four years ago they began initiating their relief measures as 905 and 289 were expected to run out by February 2014.

The alliance said existing area codes will be assigned until there are none left, and those with the current codes will not be effected.

Emergency and long distance dialing are no different for numbers with the new area code, they said.

Along with Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba have also successfully introduced new area codes within the past year.

Other codes in regions across Canada are also expected to reach capacity in the next few years.

Here is a list, from the Telecommunications Alliance:

  • 249 in the 705 area in northern Ontario
  • 579 in the 450 area in Québec
  • 343 in the 613 area in Ontario
  • 581 in the 418 area in Québec
  • 438 in the 514 area in Montreal
  • 587 in the 403 and 780 areas in Alberta
  • 226 in the 519 area in Ontario
  • 778 in the 604 and 250 areas in British Columbia
  • 289 in the 905 area in Ontario
  • 647 in the 416 area in Toronto

The group said a new area code creates over seven million new phone numbers.