Video: Olivia Chow scrummed after York U gridlock meeting

by | Feb 1, 2013 | News

[youtube id=”XDVU2F8IeuQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Videography by Stephen Donkers

Olivia Chow was scrummed after giving a talk at York University, Thursday.

“It’s never too late for a better city,” said Chow when asked about whether the damage to the city’s infrastructure has already been done.

When asked about her preference between subways and LRTs, Chow said that subways are great, as long as there is a plan to pay for it.

Chow was asked twice whether she would run for the mayor of Toronto in 2014. “I’m seriously listening to people who are encouraging me,” said Chow.

Compiled by Jonathan Zettel