TTC stroller ban proposal causes uproar

by | Jan 22, 2013 | News

The TTC is denying a report that it may be regulating the number of strollers allowed on vehicles. (By GTD Aquitaine (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)
The TTC is downplaying a report that it may be regulating the number of strollers allowed on vehicles. COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
By Samantha Martin

The Toronto Transit Commission has asked its staff to look into the possibility of creating limitations when it comes to strollers on TTC vehicles.

The request was made after a Toronto resident spoke to the commission at a meeting on Monday about the inconvenience of strollers blocking aisles and seats.

“With ridership breaking records and bursting at the seams, it’s very difficult when you see six baby-strollers on a bus,” said Elsa La Rosa, CBC News reported.

The request has caused uproar with TTC users who have strollers.

Jon Hyatt, Toronto resident and small business owner, uses the TTC regularly with his wife and two young children, both children requiring strollers.

Hyatt said regulating strollers would be an insult.

“You can’t even use a streetcar with a stroller during peak hours, so now you can’t get on the subway? So parents can’t pick their kids up from daycare? They are pretty much screwing over everyone but especially the lower-middle class families who can’t afford a car. It’s ridiculous,” he said.

Brad Ross, director of TTC corporate communications said there is no chance the commission will ban strollers all together or charge an extra fee.

“There’s absolutely no intention whatsoever of charging extra fair for people who use strollers,” said Ross to Humber News reporter Matt Creed.

“What we will review is the current practices with respect to discretion on the part of operators, so how many strollers can one bus accommodate. If the bus is full we will accommodate as many as we possibly can without creating any safety issues.”

Ross also said that that the issue is not something people should get overly excited about because the TTC will not be banning strollers.

“People are passionate about certain issues on both sides and I have certainly heard from both sides, there are people weighing in online complaining about the size of strollers today,” said Ross.

“Quite frankly care-givers and children and strollers have every right to ride the system just like everybody else.”

TTC CEO Andy Byford said Tuesday that the TTC will examine the issue, CBC reported.

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The TTC has been asked to set limitations for strollers on its trains and buses. Humber News asked public transit users what they think.

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