Peel Police investigate death of nine-year-old Kesean Williams

Jan 25, 2013 | News

By Tashae Haughton
9-year-old Kesean Williams died of a gunshot wound to the head. Courtesy Twitter/EXCLUSIVEPEACH

9-year-old Kesean Williams died of a gunshot wound to the head. Courtesy Twitter/EXCLUSIVEPEACH

Peel Regional Police are investigating the death of nine-year-old Kesean Williams, who was shot through the window of his Bramtpon home Wednesday night.

Police responded to a call at 51 Ardglen Dr. in Brampton, Ont., around 10:30 p.m., according to a police news release.

A bullet was fired through the living room window into Kesean’s house. Upon arrival, police found the body of the victim on the living room floor with a single shot to the head, Const. Fiona Thivierge told Humber News.

The boy was taken to Sicks Kids Hopsital where he died later from the wound, Thivierge said.

Thivierge said Kesean’s family had just  moved into the house last week from another house in Brampton. Six months earlier, the family had moved from Hamilton to Brampton.

Sir Winston Churchill, Kesean’s school, is just a few blocks away from his house. A newsletter sent home with students from principal Kristin Bergen stated that the Peel District School Board’s Critical Incident Team will be providing support to the Grade 4 student’s friends and classmates as well the school community.

“In the main foyer, there is a memorial table,” Carla Pereira, spokeswoman for the Peel District School Board, told Humber News. “There’s also a memory wall where students can reflect on their memories of Kesean.”

Hazel Mason, Superintendent of Education, said she was at the school all day Thursday and described the atmosphere as “sad and shocking.”

“As a teacher, you have to a bank your own emotions and be there for your students. The staff yesterday did an amazing job at doing that,” said Mason.

As teachers try to help their students understand, Trustee for the Peel District School Board, David Green, said he doesn’t know how to answer his 10-year-old’s sons question, “why did this happen?”

Green is also the first vice-president for Brampton Safe City. According to its website, the organization engages community involvement with police, emergency services, and government agencies to provide a safe environment. Before the murder of Kesean, Green said he and other members of Brampton Safe City had been canvassing in the community to help educate residents about violence.

After the young boy’s death,  Green said he’ll do whatever it takes to help residents cope.

“I want to make myself available for the community shattered by this ordeal,” Green said.

Thivierge said a handgun was used, but police don’t know what type of handgun. On the day of the incident, a taxi carrying three people was stopped by police and they are being held as witnesses, Thivierge said.

The community Twitter showered Kesean’s mother, Tonya, and old brother, Kajan, with sympathy.

Peel Regional Police are asking anyone with information to contact Homicide Bureau at (905)453-2121 ext 3205.