Humber pillow artstravaganza hits textile museum

by | Jan 21, 2013 | News


Photo by Basil Rehan

By Basil Rehan

Humber students have injected new life into the Textile Museum of Canada with the opening of a new exhibit of exciting pillow designs.

The exhibit titled, “Re-Decorate, Re-Think, Re-Create; The Art Form of the Pillow,” is a collection of sustainably designed pillows designed and produced by students in the second year of Humber’s interior decorating program, said Pamela Mayhew, interior decorating instructor and one of the organizers of the exhibit.

Designs on display feature a wide range of styles from traditional to avant-garde to bizarre. In the spirit of sustainability many of the designs made use of recycled materials; some utilized old pencils to create ornate patterns and others were as simple as stuffing an old pair of jean shorts.

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“I’m not sure about how nice it might be to plow my face into one of those, but they all look pretty interesting anyways,” said Paul Beers, a visiting student at the museum.

This is the second year that interior decorating students have featured a pillow exhibit. In their first year, students were asked to design a pillow that reflected the “culture of Toronto,” said Mayhew.

“Our department has strong ties with the National Textile Museum and we try our best to bring our students and their work there are much as possible.”

The exhibit will run until Feb. 28 at the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto. Entrance is free for students. For more information, visit the museum’s website at