Humber BRTV students crew for International Ski Fed meet

Jan 29, 2013 | News, Sports

Humber BRTV students on a mobile shoot. Courtesy

Humber BRTV students on a mobile shoot. Courtesy

By Marco Di Meo

Even though warmer weather is hitting Toronto — at least for a few days, Humber’s Broadcast Television and Videography students are headed north in the cold to help produce the International Ski Fed.

Fourteen BRTV students are already on their way to Blue Mountain in Collingwood to help produce the 2013 FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup tour on Feb. 1 and Feb 2.

Karen Young, Program Coordinator of the Broadcast Television Videography, told Humber News that this is the third time students of the program participated in covering this event.

“BRTV has a partnership with Double Black Diamond Productions so we assist them in this event,” Young said.

BRTV students will be carrying 40,000 feet of television cables up a 720 foot ski hill. Despite all the physical labour, Young said there is always a competitive nature to sign up for this event.

“Students are very keen, it’s very competitive to get on this crew. Students have to apply to get the positions. It’s a very good industry experience and excellent portfolio project building as well,” Young said.

First year BRTV student James Barth, 22, said that he would consider applying for this event in the future.

“Mobile shoots are very desirable and very challenging, everyone likes a challenge. Sporting events like this really fall into what my program dictates,” Barth said.

Basil Guinane, Associate Dean of the School of Media Studies and Information Technology, told Humber News that this is a great experience for students.

“Students work with professionals in the field and gain first hand experience from them. They always have a generally good time, they work hard but have fun,” Guinane said.

Director of Broadcast Services, Michael Wright is currently in Blue Mountain setting up for this event and Young said the BRTV program is lucky to have him.

“We are very fortunate to have Michael. We have our partnership with Double Black Diamond Productions through him. He has an impressive portfolio as a technical producer on many sporting events like the Olympics and snow cross events,” she said.

This event shows how prepared Humber students are for their future in broadcast television, Guinane said.

“This definitely shows our students are quite capable working in the field,” said Guinane, adding that the Humber’s representatives “have a really good attitude towards work.”