Hawk’s Nest Startup Weekend comes to North Campus

by | Jan 28, 2013 | News

First year Web Design Interactive Media students Alfred Junco and Ryan Ovas. Creators of Hawk Nest. Courtesy Humber.ca

First year Web Design Interactive Media students Alfred Junco and Ryan Ovas. Creators of Hawk Nest.      Courtesy Humber.ca

By Marco Di Meo

If you have a great business idea then you might want to be at Humber North Campus for the Hawk Nest Startup Weekend that begins on Feb. 1  and runs until Feb. 3.

The Hawk Nest Startup Weekend is an opportunity where students can get great advice from professionals about their business ideas.

Students will have a chance to present their idea and then meet with marketing experts to develop a business proposal. Once their offer has been developed they will pitch their idea to a panel of judges who will award prizes.

This event was organized by two first year Web Design Interactive Media Students, Alfred Junco, 19 and Ryan Ovas, 19.

Alfred Junco said the reason they started this club was because Humber didn’t have anything else like it.

“When we enrolled at Humber we tried joining a club for entrepreneurship. There wasn’t anything here so we decided to start this club where anyone who’s interested can come and have all the resources available to them,” he said.

The Hawk Nest Startup Weekend is the Hawk’s Nest first event as a club at Humber.

President of Humber Student’s Federation Bhalinder Bedi will be on the judge’s panel this weekend and told Humber News how HSF supports entrepreneurism.

“This is a startup weekend where students come with ideas. This really is HSF harnessing the idea of entrepreneurism.”

Bedi said HSF and Humber want to assure these events are taking place in one location and happen “instantaneously”.

Executive Director of Humber Student’s Federation, Ercole Perrone, told Humber News that this weekend will be a great learning experience for the two organizers.

“Organizers of an event like this can take away the overall experience of participating in an event like this and how it tests your skills and applications from what you learn in your courses,” Perrone said.

He said that HSF and Humber are working collectively in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

“HSF and Humber as partners are really working together to develop an entrepreneurial eco system that supports students in a development of their own business ideas,” he said.