Black film festival expands to Toronto

by | Dec 6, 2012 | News

By Victoria Brown

Fabienne Colas and Stedman Graham sit in a discussion at last year’s International Black Film Festival in Montreal.

Toronto can add another festival to its list come the new year, now that a black film festival is expanding to Toronto.

The festival, which is currently only in Montreal, has become one of Canada’s youngest and largest festivals of its kind.

Fabienne Colas, founder and president of the festival told Humber News on Thursday the festival is a natural fit.

“Toronto is a very diverse city, even more so then in Montreal,” she said. “Toronto has the biggest variety in terms of cultural diversity in Canada.”

The festival started in 2005, said Colas, screens films that explore black issues and realities from filmmakers from over 40 countries.

Global TV has sponsored the festival for three years in Montreal, and according to the festival’s website, Global will also be supporting and presenting the festival in Toronto.

The biggest difference between the festivals is the time of year they run, Colas said.

The Toronto event will begin in February 2013 – during Black History month – whereas Montreal’s runs in September.

“The Toronto festival starts with a great advantage,” said Colas. “ It’s a different city, it’s a different culture, it’s a different season, everything is different.”

Colas said she had been planning to bring the festival to Toronto for a few years but needed the correct team, support, and partners before it could be brought over.

“There isn’t a better way to learn about a culture then through film,” said Colas.

The Toronto festival will run from February 13-17.