A Humber News Holiday Special

by | Dec 7, 2012 | News

An original poem by: Chanelle Seguin



Our news is hard

Our leads are tight

We stay very late

To make sure it’s right


The sources are live

The topics are tough

The deadlines are fast

The editing is rough


As holiday cheer at Humber News starts to fester

Here are some of the stories we’ve done this semester


The iPad mini is the latest from Mac

The iPhone5 was just before that

Apple continues to rule the tech world

A holiday wish for every boy and girl


The Gardiner is falling apart

A new app for a happy heart

Olympic parade covers the street

Gangnam Style was a worldwide beat


Which U.S. Candidate did you choose?

Everyone waited for breaking news

Obama or Romney, down to the wire

Barrack would be the man they would hire


Channing Tatum’s the hottest man alive

The Twilight series ends with film five

Nuit Blanche paints the town

NHL talks bring everyone down


January 7th is the magical date

when a judge will decide our mayor’s fate

Rob Ford’s future may be uncertain

but we must wait for the final curtain


The Argos won the 100th Grey Cup

Dalhousie relieves stress with a pup

The royal family continues to grow

Women’s rugby ends with a dramatic show


A Frankenstorm for the ages

The East coast is where she rages

Hurricane Sandy made it rain

Her destruction caused much pain


So when the holiday dinner table is starving for conversation

No one really has anything to say

Everyone at the table is quiet and silent

No one has a story of the day


With Humber News, a conversation is sure to ignite

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night