Taiwanderland celebrated at Humber

Nov 26, 2012 | News

By: Heather VanAndel

Humber College students gathered in the North campus concourse Monday to celebrate the diversity of the Taiwanese culture.

Taiwanderland, a celebration of Taiwan as a wonderland of cultural experiences, was hosted by 31 Taiwanese students from Humber.

The students performed cultural dances, set up displays on parts of the Taiwanese culture, and served traditional Taiwanese cuisine.

Complimentary dishes include minced pork sauce over rice, tea eggs, candied fruit and bubble tea.

“The food is delicious,” Chialin Tsung, a film and television production student who grew up in Taiwan, told Humber News.

“It tastes a little different from the food back home because there is not as much salt.  Other then that, it tastes and smells like home.”

Candied fruit, a famous dessert made from dipping fruit into a sugar syrup, was a favourite for York University student Colin McGuire.

“It’s interesting because they are treating the tomato like it is supposed to be treated, like a fruit,” McGuire told Humber News.

“It’s a different way then it is normally served.”

The event was also about celebrating the partnerships Humber has with institutions outside of Canada, said Humber president Chris Whitaker.

In particular, Whitaker spoke on how the event was important for the college’s partnership with the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism in Taiwan.

“This relationship allows for students to have an opportunity to go back and forth between the two countries and earn a credential,” said Whitaker from a lectern.

“But it also allows for us to become aware of different cultures, ultimately creating more harmony in our communities and within the world.”

Winston Wen-yi Chen, Director-General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto, told Humber News the relationship between the two countries is significant.

“It is important for the Canada and Taiwan relationship to get more young people to know about Canada,” said Chen.

“This relationship will allow Taiwanese citizens to understand and see Canada as an effective, safe, and economically beneficial country.”

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