Psychic fair charms Humber College

by | Nov 15, 2012 | News

What’s your fortune? PHOTO BY SARAH MACDONALD

By Sarah MacDonald and Kelly Snider

Good fortune came to Humber College’s North campus on Thursday with a psychic fair.

The annual Humber Students Federation event gave students a chance to hear what is in store for their futures.

“I think it really helps motivate students and let’s them hear what they need to, especially during this time when there are a lot of papers due,” Lindsay-Mae Dell, HSF programming director, told Humber News.

“Sometimes they need a little motivation to get back out there to get things done.”

Dell said the experience is unique for students and is a fun, free service for them.

The event doesn’t cost much for HSF either, since it is one of the lowest cost events put on, said Dell.

“They require very little,” said Dell. “They don’t need any power or any set up beyond a table and chairs. So overall they are very self-sufficient and it’s not costly when they are here.”

WATCH: Humber News reporter Sarah MacDonald gets a reading from a psychic
Indigo, a female psychic who works in Toronto and who came to Humber, said the event was successful.

The psychic did an event at the Lakeshore campus on Wednesday and found the students receptive there, as well.

“It was interesting. I’ve never read for so many students before,” she told Humber News.

 “A lot of people found it was pretty insightful and actually helped them with their day to day lives.”

Students who participated in the event had mixed feelings about what their future may hold.

Some did not want to leave their future up to some tarot cards.

“I don’t like messing around with this kind of stuff,” Mike Awad, 19, told Humber News.

“It messes around with you in the future. It might stay in your head and you could go crazy eventually,” he said.

“Who says my future is going to be good? Maybe my future is bad?”

Or, maybe “it just is,” he said with a shrug.