NBCUniversal takes on a floor at Humber Lakeshore

Nov 6, 2012 | News

By Kaitie Fraser and Matthew Smith

The ribbon cutting ceremony in the new NBCUniversal Production Suites at the Humber Lakeshore Campus. PHOTO BY MATTHEW SMITH.

On Monday, Humber President Chris Whitaker unveiled the new NBCUniversal Production Suites for film and media students at the Lakeshore campus.

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The donation as used to create new production suites and new equipment that will benefit some 200 students, as well as be a training facility for the Directors Guild of Canada and Women in Film and Television of Toronto.

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The ribbon cutting ceremony took place in the L building, celebrating the $250,000 dollar donation from NBCUniversal.

Listen: to President Chris Whitaker present the new production suites to the crowd.