International Education Week showcases diversity at Humber

Nov 12, 2012 | News

By Mamta Lulla

The International Centre is educating Humber College about different cultures by putting information from a variety of countries on display this week.

“International Education Week is the internationally celebrated week recognizing the importance of international education. At Humber, it is an opportunity for students to showcase where they come from,” said Diane Simpson, director at the International Centre at North campus.

Students at the North campus concourse looking at images of India while a video plays on the big screen. PHOTO BY MAMTA LULLA

“They celebrate this week in almost every country. So it’s just our spin on it. Every college and university does it a little differently. We gave the project to our students who work at the International Centre,” said Matthew Keefe, an international student advisor.

Student ambassadors have put together food, videos and pictures of each country to go on display each day throughout this week at North and Lakeshore campuses, which are highlighting different nations.

“Each ambassador in the office represents a different country,” said Keefe. “If we have an Indian student, we will choose that country, so we have Mexican, Indian, Mauritian (at North campus) and that’s how we have chosen countries”

Monday was India’s turn on North campus.

“India has a lot of history, you can’t present that in five minutes. We are presenting geography, about population, economy, food and religion. These are the same topics for all countries. “ said a student ambassador, Juan Cisneros.

The goal of such an event is to create awareness about the different cultures. So does the Humber population really care about the diversity on campus?

“It depends whom you ask. I think some students and some faculty here, yes, of course they care about who is here and are interested in who is here, and then there are those students who just study quickly and leave — but hopefully they get a little more educated on who is here,“ said Keefe.

“I am checking what they are showing here. Information I see here is pretty accurate. This is how India is. I have been to some of the places that are on display,” said an international student from India, Trevor D’Souza from the Hospitality and Tourism program.