Humber students get some stress relief

by | Nov 15, 2012 | News

By Adriano Mancini

The Humber Student Federation has once again organized multiple events in hopes of engaging students to relieve some stress for the coming exam period.

Thursday’s events included a student marketplace, which took place at both the Humber Lakeshore and North Campuses. A fortuneteller was also available to students free of charge.

Slideshow of the Humber Student Marketplace at the North Campus.

According to Pedro Nerry, a recreation and leisure student at the north campus, he’s thankful for the distraction.

“It’s good when there are events like today’s,” said Nery. “With exams coming, its good to have some fun to take your mind off that”

In the past the HSF has been responsible for organizing charities, carnivals, concerts and even bringing in popular guest speakers in the hopes of getting the student body engaged in extracurricular activities.

The student marketplace, which took place on Thursday as well, provided students the opportunity to sell their own products to the student community.

Those items included homemade sandwiches, custom-made cell phone cases, custom made bracelets and even hena drawn tattoos.

Like most of the events hosted by the HSF, the event was advertised via posters and even through its website.

Brendon Amaral, a fitness recreation student took advantage of the event by purchasing a custom designed phone case.

“It’s pretty cool to see all the stuff that people are selling” Amaral, told Humber News. “The prices are good and some of the stuff is even hand made”

Amaral hopes for more events in the future.

“I have always enjoyed the events around the school and it would be nice to have more fun events,” he said.