Channing Tatum scores title “hottest man alive”

by | Nov 6, 2012 | News

by Jeanette Liu

The holiday season has packaged up an early gift in the form of a magazine cover for fans of svelte American actor Channing Tatum.

According to the online website, Gossip Cop, Tatum will be announced this week as the “hottest man alive” in the upcoming issue of People Magazine.

Despite the Magic Mike movie star’s pecks and oiled up abs, director of Toronto’s Moro Models and Talent agency, Farhen Zoomi, says it’s more than just a pretty face that makes someone sexy.

“He’s a good looking guy,” Zoomi told Humber News. “But, what makes someone sexy is more than just being good looking. Clients think they need to have big boobs and wear muscle shirts to showoff all they’ve got. But, what they don’t realize is agencies want start up talent that look  just like the normal  guy or girl next door.”

Toronto’s image consultant Anne Sowden agrees.

She says sexiness is about exuding confidence and being authentic.

“Image is a whole package it’s not just about the way someone looks or what they wear,” Sowden said.
“What makes someone the sexiest person alive has a lot to do with their personality and confidence. Of course appearance, dress and clothes are important too but it’s the whole package that counts.”

Sowden told Humber News sexiness is subjective.

She offers tips to achieve ultimate drop-dead sexiness.

“Take the time to learn about yourself and what’s really important to you,” she said. “Have both your inner and outer appearance reflect who you really are because if you’re authentic and embrace that part of you people will be able to easily connect with you. That’s sexy.”

People Magazine’s sexiest man alive issue will hit the shelves Nov. 14.

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