Getting ready for winter driving

Nov 13, 2012 | News

By Erin Eaton and Neetu Thind

Temperatures are sinking, and snow is maybe on its way. If you own one, is your car ready for winter?

Nancy Deason, Manager of Humber Public Safety said that students make a few common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

“Often in the winter we arrive when it’s dark, and we leave our headlights on,” Deason told Humber News. “Sometimes if you don’t have automatic shut-off, people forget, and the battery drains.”

Deason said students sometimes forget to make sure their fluids are up—stressing the importance of oil changes and high levels of windshield washer fluid.

If you find yourself in a transportation tizzy, Humber’s Emergency Automobile Response Team can help you out of your pesky predicament.

“If you have a frozen lock, we have lock de-icer,” said Deason.  “If you need a boost, we have booster packs and will help you out.”

The South Central Ontario branch of the Canadian Automobile Association is also encouraging drivers to take the necessary steps to prepare their cars for winter.

Neetu Thind has their tips on how to avoid being left in the cold.

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