Canadians feel over qualified for careers

Nov 15, 2012 | Biz/Tech

By: Victoria Brown

Four out 10 Canadians believe that their qualifications aren’t winning enough respect in the work place, a poll suggests.

Canadians are feeling over qualified according to a survey released Wednesday. Karen Fast, manager at Humber’s Career Centre, said graduates should talk to their managers about their goals to make sure they’re careers see growth.

According to a survey released Wednesday by Randstad Canada, 44 per cent of Canadians say they feel over-qualified for their careers.

Canadians complain they are not growing in their positions  even though seven in ten believe  their careers match their fields of study, Hanna Vineberg, president of Randstad southern Ontario, told Humber news.

“People feeling that they’re over qualified does not necessarily mean that they’re in the wrong job,” said Vineberg. “It just means that they’re not being challenged daily. So they hit the ceiling relatively quickly.”

Karen Fast, manager at Humber’s Career Centre, told Humber News, this can sometimes be the employee’s fault if there is a lack of initiative to want to grow.

“They don’t want to take that risk, they get comfortable in that role,” said Fast.

She said new graduates need to be realistic about what a degree or diploma can really get them.

“Typically, it gets you an entry- level position, and most of the time they’re not all that challenging. So you think personally that you’re over qualified. But are you? Not really,” said Fast.

The key to upward mobility is gaining experience, she said.

Vineberg’s advice for graduates is to let employers know right in the interview that they hope to learn and grow.

“As a new graduate, you’re going to have to ask them in a very subtle way, meaning that I’m here to learn,” she said.

Canada, China,Turkey and Greece have the highest percentages for those who feel over qualified for their jobs.


Whether it be returning to school, seeking professional development or another new skill, Fast said those who want to grow in their careers should speak with their superiors about goals.

“Talk to your employer about what you would like to be doing; that’s going to challenge you to get to that next level,”  said Fast.

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