Bullying Prevention Week aims to make difference

by | Nov 13, 2012 | News


By Meagan Malloch and Alex Fuller

Canadians are being reminded of the need to stand up against bullying with National Bullying Awareness and Prevention week underway.

From Nov. 12-16, the telephone counseling agency Kids Help Phone has launched an awareness campaign called “Show your True Colors Bullying Happens: Choose to Make a Difference.”

Jason Carey, a counseling manager in Toronto with Kids Help Phone, told Humber News on Tuesday that his group went to Universal Records and met with the stars who remade singer Cyndi Lauper’s popular song True Colors which urges people to be themselves.

He said all the proceeds will go to help his group.

LISTEN: Jason Carey talks about the “True Colors” campaign.

Carey said on a 24-hour basis, councilors at Kids Help Phone can take up to 150 calls, and not all are bullying related.

“It all really depends on what is going on in the world out there with kids,” said Carey. “With Bullying Prevention week kicking off, that can sometimes increase the volume of contact from kids.”

Carey explained to Humber News the ways people can contact the help line.

LISTEN: JASON CAREY talks about contacting Kids Help Phone.

Sierra Lewis, 24, a Humber paralegal student, said she thinks it’s good this issue is being brought to light.

“I think that when you look at bullying in the past it was always something that people swept under the rug, I like that they’re bringing awareness to it because it is a big issue,” said Lewis.

Lewis was neither a victim of bullying or a bystander, but told Humber News she regrets some of her past actions.

“I was dealing with a lot of self-confidence issues,” said Lewis.

Jason Hunter, Humber’s Dean of Students, said he thinks bullying does take place on campus — and he urges people to report it and seek help/

LISTEN: Jason Hunter talks about bullying at Humber.

Humber’s Human Rights Department is also available for students if they are being bullied, and Hunter hopes people will come forward, Hunter said.

LISTEN: Jason Hunter talks about Humber’s Code of Conduct.

Kids Help Phone has also put together a 30 second bullying awareness video with the help of Canadian artists.