Women’s volleyball season starts Thursday

Oct 30, 2012 | Sports

By Mamta Lulla

Women’s volleyball season kicks off on Thursday where the Humber Hawks women’s volleyball team plays Conestoga at the Humber North Campus.

LISTEN: Humber Hawks women’s volleyball team Assistant Coach Dean Wylie on the team’s weaknesses — and their strengths.

The team has played three tournaments against a variety of other schools, but it hasn’t played against Conestoga yet.

The Humber Hawks women’s volleyball team playing at the Humber Cup. PHOTO BY MAMTA LULLA

“We will have to serve tough on Thursday and play some solid defense. I haven’t seen much of Conestoga. But based on reputation I think we play at our level. We will just have to play a fast paced game,” coach Chris Wilkins told Humber News.

Assistant coach Dean Wylie, spoke to Humber News, “We haven’t seen Conestoga yet. But we have played enough ball to say we will be ready. But I am worried on our side of the court. We need to take care of our business because we don’t know what Conestoga is coming with.”

Wilkins said the team has participated in three tournaments, and the team has lost only once during all of them.

“We will have a little bit of a rest and we will be ready to go on Thursday,” he added.

However he believes the team has to work on its weaknesses.

“I think we have a tendency on going quiet when we need to be loud. I think our communication needs to be the key to us on being successful. On our consistency and on our focus is where we need to improve on. But overall we are doing alright,” he added.

One of the players in the team, Alley Newman said, the team played at a steady level at the Humber Cup tournament held on campus last weekend, but it still needs to work on communication.

The season continues until the end of February letting Humber play against Conestoga, Sheridan, Redeemer, Fanshawe, Mohawk and Canadore.