Sexual assaults highlight need for defense classes

Oct 9, 2012 | News

By Meagan Malloch

Humber is preparing to host a program teaching women defense skills as the city deals with an increase of sexual assault reports.

With the help of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement, Humber’s north campus is hosting a program called  R.A.D. on Tuesday and Thursday. The three letters stand for rape, aggression, and defense.

Humber’s department of public safety in a press release called R.A.D. the largest women’s self-defense training network in North America. The program offers exercises and education on risk reduction and identification. It also provides principles of striking and venerable locations.

Victor Kwong, Toronto police media relations officer, said anything people can do to further prevent themselves from being a victim of crime is encouraged.

“Our advice is to trust your gut feeling. If you’re in a place and you don’t feel comfortable, its better to just get out before you are attacked,” Kwong told Humber News on Tuesday.

With a recent rise in sexual assaults being reported in Toronto, Kwong couldn’t say if the most recent weekend assaults in the Christie and Bloor area were related to the incidents reported in the summer.

Three women were attacked in the area over the weekend.

“They are being looked at, but as of now there is no connection,” said Kwong.

A report by CP24 said from June to September of this year, 10 similar assaults were reported and all remain unsolved.

Is it that more sexual assaults are happening, or are more people reporting them?

Kwong said Toronto police will never know unless they receive a report.

“Of course we always suggest to report it, but it is not necessary,” said Kwong. “People can report assaults to their doctors, their school,” he said.

“So we will never really know,” he said.

“Humber security works in partnership with 23 Division police,” Paul Iskander, director of campus services, told Humber News. “We have security all around campus to ensure the safety of our students, staff and faculty.”

“The education one would get from this program is wise and we totally support it,” said Iskander.

The R.A.D “defense against abduction” makes it’s way to Humber and helps female students protect themselves. PHOTO COURTESY FLICKR COMMONS