Movember at Humber to focus on men’s health

Oct 25, 2012 | News

TOyourMO’s the Ultimate Shave Down launches Oct. 30. COURTESY OF KATHLEEN CYMEK

By Stacey Thompson

A group of Humber students is preparing to launch a campaign to raise money for prostate cancer and to bring both men and women together to recognize men’s health issues for Movember.

Toronto your Mustasche (TOyourMO), will officially launch at Humber’s North campus next Tuesday. Right now the campaign is  recruiting students though information booths and the use of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Though Movemeber is in support of men’s health, TOyourMO are reaching out to just as many women on the subject.

“When we try to recruit people to spread awareness and raise money for the cause we call them MOBro’s and MOSista’s,” said Kathleen Cymek, chair member of the TOyourMO campaign.

“It’s great because Movember is trying to engage women and bring them on board by trying to appeal to the MOSista to encourage the men in their lives to get checked.”

One of the ways women will get involved is through an event called the Ultimate Shave Down during half-time at the the varsity men’s basketball game.

During half time, players will have their faces shaved by members of the women’s team.

“Being a male a lot of the time something like going to the doctor or talking about these health issues isn’t something we want to do, so it’s important to bring awareness on the subject,” said Dan Lombardi, head of promotions for TOyourMO.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, estimated that 26,500 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year and 4,000 will die from it.

“Part of the reason I became apart of this, is that Movember is more then just raising money, it’s about raising awareness and talking about men’s health issues,” said Lombardi.

Cymek said they have set a fundraising goal of $5,000, but if that goal were exceeded that would be amazing.

“The reaction of students has been quite strong,” said Lomardi. “Since the two days of activity at the information booths the reaction has been positive.”

The Oct. 29 launch will include many different activities to participate in, with an opportunity to win prizes. Tickets will be sold for a wrap up party on Nov. 29.