Humber teams up with sports drink Powerade

Oct 2, 2012 | Sports


Humber Hawks

Starting this year, the Humber Hawks have picked up a new sponsor – sports drink giant Powerade. COURTESY HUMBER ATHLETICS.

The Humber Hawks pick up a huge sponsorship from an energy drink giant – what does it mean for the Hawks going forward?

By Elton Hobson

From now on, Humber Hawks fans just might be known as the Powerade Hawks Nation.

The Hawks announced Tuesday they were kicking off a new partnership with sports drink giant Powerade.

LISTEN: Humber’s Athletic’s Jim Bialek discusses the Powerade sponsorship.

Starting this season, both the basketball and volleyball teams will be fully sponsored by the energy drink, a move that will impact players and fans alike.

Powerade is owned by Coca Cola Canada, the official beverage provider for Humber College. The sponsorship had more to do with Humber’s outstanding athletic accomplishments than any existing agreement, Jim Bialek, director of athletics and sports information at Humber, said Tuesday.

Humber news reporter Elton Hobson spoke with Bialek about what the new sponsorship means for this season – and beyond.