Humber student government makes changes

Oct 12, 2012 | News

HSF’s chief returning officer, Natalie Quinlan, says HSF will be making some major and minor changes to governance in the 2013-2014 academic year.


By Victoria Brown

Humber Student Federation has decided to allow candidates to campaign for board positions.

“We’re going to be seeing for the first time ever posters up for people who want to be a member of the board of directors,” said Natalie Quinlan, chief returning officer with HSF.

Some other major changes HSF will make in the 2013-2014 academic year include shrinking the board of directors from 16 to ten students and changing some position names, said Natalie Quinlan.

In the past, to be a member of the board, a student first had to be appointed as a program representative, said Quinlan.

To be promoted to having a position on the board, the representative would have to show some success and experiences in their role, she said.

“Many times we were feeling that the executives are much more visible then the board,” said Quinlan. “Which is kind of funny because the board is sitting at the top of the entire organization.”

Quinlan said HSF thought it would be important to make possible board members campaign and be visible to students.

“We want students to recognize who they are and what they do.”

Emily Genitti, vice-president of campus life, said engaging with students is an essential component to a successful campaign.

She said making candidates campaign will help students become more aware of what the board does.

“If you don’t have a face to the posters that are around the school and you don’t actually see that person, it’s not good.” said Genitti.

For students thinking about campaigning both Genitti and Quinlan suggest being as visible as possible by creating activities in the student centre and engaging students.

“At the end of the day a poster can only do so much, it’s silent advertising, “said Quinlan.

For students interested in campaigning, nomination packages will be available after winter break.

LISTEN: Natalie Quinlan explains the changes coming to HSF