Humber report sharpens focus on education innovation

by | Oct 16, 2012 | News

Humber College’s Lakeshore campus. COURTESY HUMBER COLLEGE

By Heather VanAndel

Humber has just finished putting the final touches on a strategic document required of all post secondary schools in the province by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities.

The ministry this year required each post-secondary institution in Ontario to put together a plan that articulates their strengths, what the institution plans on focusing on, and how they are going to do that in a way that is innovative and efficient.

Humber’s submission was promoted in a media release on Oct. 12.

The ministry asked for the agreement in an attempt to reshape the post secondary learning experience in Ontario.

“It is part of the government’s attempt to enter into a process to establish a new vision for post secondary education in the province,” Chris Whitaker, President of Humber College, told Humber News.

Looking for innovation

“They are looking for innovating ideas to find productivity improvements that will lead to efficiency,” he said.

The push for the new plan is driven by two things, Whitaker said:  A need for post secondary education to be responsive and adapt to the needs of the students, and a need to help the government to deal with financial challenges.

Once all the reports from all schools have been read, a short list will be created to highlight institutions deemed to be models of advanced learning.

Whitaker said Humber College is excited about this new initiative because it promotes the school’s Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

“Humber is already recognized as a leading institution in the province for its investments in the teaching and learning environment,” said Whitaker.