Crime Stoppers reward Humber’s safety efforts

by | Oct 29, 2012 | News

By Neetu Thind

Garry Grant, chair of Crime Stoppers, presented the certificate of appreciation to Sheila Carneiro, Courtney Wright, Pervez Ditta, on Wednesday with Chief of Police William Blair at a Toronto club.

Members of the Toronto 23 police division, Crime Stoppers and Humber’s department of public safety participated in a BBQ Monday to promote safety initiatives on campus.

It was also a celebration for the community appreciation award the college received last Wednesday.

This year approximately 15 awards were handed out and Humber was the only community college or university to receive one, Darlene Ross, Crime Stoppers coordinator, told Humber News.

“In a community the size of Toronto, (the number of awards) isn’t a lot,” said Ross. “So it speaks very highly of those who did get the award.”

Ross said Crime Stoppers brought back community awards after a four-year hiatus.

Crime prevention measures taken by the college set it apart from other schools, said Pervez Ditta director of public safety on campus.

“Generally we’re leaders in the initiatives we’ve taken on,” said Ditta.

These measures include a strong security presence such as guards and around 2,500 speakers on campus that can be used to broadcast a message throughout the campus in the case of a lockdown, said Ditta.

Police Constable Ryan Willmer said that crime in the Humber area has been reduced in the last six months.

“Humber is probably one of the safest schools to be in,” said Willmer.

Willmer said a neighbourhood canvas initiative by police has helped decrease crime in the area.

“There are 40 extra officers in the area of Humber College, as well as the auxiliaries that patrol the paths and parking lots, especially when students are leaving late at night,” said Willmer.

He says more students need to be aware of the effects of alcohol and how to deal with issues like consent when intoxicated, since sexual assaults are one of the top issues on campus.

To report crimes, students can call Crime Stoppers or Humber ext.4000 for emergencies or 8500 for non-emergency matters.