Student’s beef with HSF gets contraception on insurance plan

by | Sep 20, 2012 | News

Samy Mak pharmacist and owner of medSpot Pharmacy at Humber says the insurance plan covers 80 percent of the cost for contraceptives.

By Briar Hopley

Student’s voices have made a difference in this year’s student insurance plan.

Humber Student’s Federation said the addition of contraceptives to Humber’s Flexible Insurance Plan was a direct result of  last year’s Got Beef campaign.

“It’s a very positive outcome from the Got Beef, if not one of the strongest results from it,” said Annie Halim, programming co-ordinator and one of the organizers of the Got Beef campaign.

Halim said the campaign really gave students an opportunity to be a part of the change at Humber.

The Got Beef campaign gave students a chance to submit anonymous comments and complaints about HSF governance, services, programs and communication.

“Collecting that data was really helpful because there were things that we didn’t even think of that came up in the survey,” said Halim.

Sieu Moi Ly, HSF’s services director said the numerous responses from students asking why contraceptives weren’t a part of the health plan, sparked the decision to make it a reality.

“We did it without having to increase the student’s cost,” said Ly

Contraceptives are now included in all available health plans at Humber.

Currently the HSF Student Activity Fee is $159.79 per semester according to the HSF website. This covers all HSF expenses including the insurance plans.

Samy Mak, pharmacist and owner of medSpot Pharmacy on Humber’s north campus said the plan covers 80 per cent of the cost of contraceptives and up to $60 per year.

Check out HSF’s website for more information on the plans –

Annie Halim talks about the other changes HSF has made as a result of the Got Beef campaign.