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Reducing youth concussions in organized sports focus of new committee News

  By: Lindsay Wadden  The Ontario government has established a committee that will work on ways to reduce concussions experienced by teenagers and children in organized sports and school settings. The Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee will focus on how coaches, parents and officials can work together to ensure safe participation in sports. The committee is composed

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Toronto ranked first globally in Youthful Cities index News

Toronto has been ranked number one in the Youthful Cities index. Berlin came in second and New York City pulled a close third-place. The index was released yesterday by an organization called Youthful Cities, which ranks 25 cities across the world in 16 categories that affect young people and the youthfulness of a city.

Stroke rates increase in young people Life

By Lily Tran Young people around the world are at higher risk for strokes and stress is a contributing factor, a global study has found. The first global analysis published in the medical journal Lancet indicates that strokes in young people are increasing. “Fifty thousand strokes occur in Canada each year – one every ten

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