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Police and cannabis community in legal limbo over robberies News

Toronto marijuana advocates are working with police to find common ground in efforts to make Toronto pot dispensary employees more confident in dialing 911 if robbed.

Michael McLellan, a spokesperson for the Toronto Dispensary Coalition, said that raids by the police paint dispensaries as “easy targets for robberies” as owners and operators are often hesitant to call police out of fear of being raided by the feds.

McLellan said in a news release that a more affective approach would be for the police to “work collaboratively” with the city’s dispensaries.

An employee of Toronto’s Queens of Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary, also blames these “violent” police raids for the string of robberies carried out over the last seven months.

CAA looking to bring awareness to marijuana-impaired driving Lifestyle,News

By: Kylie Vaillancourt The Canadian Automobile Association is looking to create an educational program to warn about marijuana-impaired driving. This after a recent poll found two-thirds of Canadians said that they’re worried about road safety once the drug is legalized. Niagara’s CAA Public Relations Coordinator Alex Pedersen said that the program aims to get the

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Snapchat’s Bob Marley filter ‘Digital Blackface’? Lifestyle

By Clare Jenkins Virtual messaging app Snapchat is being questioned after releasing a filter that that is being criticized as digital blackface.The filter alters user’s faces by making them look like Marley, complete with digital dreadlocks and digital blackface. Blackface originated in the early 1900s where black performers were not allowed to perform in front

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Conservatives look to adopt new federal marijuana laws News

By Frank Boateng Police will be allowed to issue tickets instead of criminally charging someone in possession of a small amount, 30 grams or less, of pot with the supposed policy change to the federal marijuana laws. “Our government has previously said it is looking at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police’s proposal to

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