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Canada’s defining moment: A look at Vimy Ridge News

The Canadian Corps set upon Vimy Ridge 100 years ago. The seven-kilometre ridge was heavily occupied by German soldiers who had successfully fended off previous Allied attacks. The Canadians overcame insurmountable odds by taking the ridge. This elevated Canada’s reputation as formidable and efficient fighters. This wasn’t without sacrifice as Canada and their Allies suffered more than 10,000 casualties and injuries.

Merkel meets with North American leaders ahead of Wednesday peace talks on Ukraine International,News,Politics

Ian Burns German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday continued her efforts to end the crisis in Ukraine, but an expert on foreign affairs told Humber News her acts were an “act of desperation.” Aurel Braun, professor of international relations and political science at the University of Toronto and visiting professor of government at Harvard University, told

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Canada’s role in Iraq News,Politics

By Marlon Gomez Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister confirmed today that Canada will be providing humanitarian aid while keeping full control of their troops. Earlier last week Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Canada would be sending troops to Iraq. The goal is to send military personnel from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment for 30 days, he

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North Korea threatens U.S. with missiles on east coast News

By Brandon Humber Following threats of a nuclear attack against the United States, North Korea has moved missiles with considerable range to the country’s east coast. The U.S. has deployed its missile defense shield to its protectorate island of Guam from Kim Jong-un, the third generation of North Korea’s Kim family rulers, who seems bent

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