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Toronto honeymooners brace for potential volcanic eruption in Bali Features,International,News

This hasn’t been the case for Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who had to flee the region around Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia following warnings of a volcano erupting.

Toronto newlyweds Anita and Cody Jones left for their honeymoon destination on September 25. The couple arrived in Bali two days before officials announced additional exclusion zones on the tourist island.

Volcanic eruption in Japan creates new island News,Sci/Tech

By Kateryna Barnes A volcanic eruption has birthed a new island in the Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Japan. The tiny island, about 200 metres in diameter, erupted in an area with a high level of seismic activity known as the “Ring of Fire”.  There are about 30 islands in the area, about

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