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Japan rocked with aftershocks after quake off Fukushima coast International,News

By: Chris Besik Japan is still being affected by aftershocks after Fukushima was rocked by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. And the events there are a reminder of the power of seismic activity, an expert told Humber News on Tuesday. According to the Japanese Meteorologists Agency tsunami warnings that had been issued Tuesday morning have been lifted, but people are being cautioned to

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New Zealand quakes: Canada’s fault lines International,News,Uncategorized

By: Chris Besik As New Zealand recovers from a cluster of powerful earthquakes and after-shocks, earthquake experts in Canada say this country could be rocked by similar quakes on our West Coast. “People in Vancouver have chosen to live there, so they’re going to get an earthquake every 100 years or so and in California the same,”

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