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New study shows rise in undiagnosed chlamydia cases in Ontario Lifestyle,News

  By: Anna O’Brien A recent study published in the Annals of Family Medicine found that changes to Ontario’s cervical-cancer screening guidelines have led to thousands of women not being tested and diagnosed for chlamydia. With most chlamydia infections detected through pap testing, the new protocol is causing many cases to be missed. Recent cervical-cancer screenings

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Toronto Public Health promotes benefits of flu shot Life,News

By Persis Abraham Getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid getting the virus, Toronto Public Health officials said Thursday. “Most of us think the flu is a minor infection where you can get better right away, but it can be very serious. Particularly  for people who have underlying health conditions,” Toronto’s Acting Medical Officer

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TTC debates subway barriers News

Toronto City Council is weighing their decision to spend over $1 billion on platform edge doors, which would help prevent suicide attempts. Founder and CEO of suicide prevention organization Your Life Counts, Rory Butler, said the platform barriers would definitely help, but it’s just a part of what is needed.