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UK Parliament must vote on Brexit negotiations, court rules International,News,Politics

By: David Tuchman The English High Court on Thursday ruled that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can begin the process of breaking apart from the EU. This means the British government on its own cannot trigger formal exit negotiations with the EU (also called article 50 of the Libson treaty) without the consent

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Bantleman charges reinstated, Indonesia sentence extended International,News

Neil Bantleman, a Burlington, Ont. native has been fighting charges of sexually assaulting three kindergarten aged boys at the school he taught at in Indonesia. After charges were acquitted in August, the Supreme Court of Indonesia has reinstated them.

Supreme court weighs edible marijuana restrictions Lifestyle,News

The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday began weighing the constitutional rights of medical marijuana users, and some are saying just having the hearing is a victory of sorts.
The court is reconsidering regulations that restrict medical marijuana users to only consuming dried cannabis…