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Toronto Police target dispensaries across Canada Crime,Lifestyle,News

Following the arrest of two eminent Canadian marijuana advocates, seven ‘Cannabis Culture’ dispensaries across Canada have been raided.

After Canada’s ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ of Pot, Marc and Jodie Emery arrests Wednesday at Pearson Airport, the couple’s chain of dispensaries have been targeted during Toronto Police’s ‘Project Gator’.

Early morning raids in Toronto human trafficking probe News

By Janie Ginsberg Toronto police officers raided several North York residential buildings in a human trafficking investigation early Thursday morning. Police tactical units poured out of rental trucks as they approached their raid locations in North York. #Toronto pic.twitter.com/UtViRhnOXu — Jeremy Cohn (@JeremyGlobalTV) April 2, 2015 Massive tactical police response to building on Chalkfarm Dr

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